Everblu Capital

EverBlu Capital is a corporate advisory firm based in Australia. The firm provides a number of services to its clients through three subsidiaries: EverBlu Corporate, EverBlu Wealth, and EverBlu Research. EverBlu Capital has over a century of combined experience in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering, principal investments, private debt, equity capital raising, and public relations. 

EverBlu Capital is involved in financial activities within a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, precious metals, mining, biotechnology, military/defence, and agriculture. The investment bank has strong ties to Australian companies and industries, although the scope of its influence extends to an international level. Some of the firm’s most notable work is in new and emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, medical cannabis, and SaaS (Software as a Service). 


EverBlu Capital was co-founded in 2016 by Alvin Blumenthal, a commerce lawyer with over 25 years of experience in the capital market. He brought with him a track record of advising over 150 different companies in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and to this day EverBlu continues as a family-owned firm. Alvin is joined at the company by his sons Adam Blumenthal and Darrin Blumenthal, who are the Chairman and Managing Director, respectively. Alvin continues to act as a wealth advisor to the firm.

The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and employs a team of individuals with a wide range of different skillsets, qualifications, and backgrounds. Over the years, the company has expanded to include representatives across Australia, most notably in Perth. EverBlu Capital has also grown to an international scale with representatives in nations such as Israel. 

EverBlu Capital is a boutique corporate advisory firm. Also known as an independent advisory firm, these types of businesses provide strategic financial advice to their clients. For the most part, these clients consist of corporations, financial sponsors, and government entities. 

Although EverBlu Capital was formed in 2016, its team members have brought years of experience to the company, often stretching back many decades. In addition to financial experience, these team members have established extensive networks and business relationships within the financial industry that were formed long before the founding of EverBlu. Many team members also have applied knowledge and management work experience in industries such as mining and pharmaceuticals. 

Adam Blumenthal

Adam Blumenthal is the Chairman of EverBlu Capital. Before taking this position in 2017, Adam amassed over ten years of experience in the financial sector with a focus on investment banking and corporate finance. As the Chairman of EverBlu Capital, Adam Blumenthal plays a central role in helping unlisted companies make the transition into the capital market of Australia for the first time. 

After attending Moriah College, Adam continued his post-secondary education at Curtin University, a public research institution and Australia’s first-ever university of technology. After enrolling in 2003, he earned a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) in accounting and finance. He then moved on to Griffin University. During this period, he also studied at Australian Catholic University. Eventually, he earned dual master’s degrees in business administration and international relations.

Since leaving university, Adam has remained involved with the academic community, acting as a guest lecturer for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Australian Catholic University. He has provided lectures on subjects such as corporate governance, financial markets, and ASX listings. 

Before earning his master’s degrees, Adam Blumenthal worked as a stockbroker for Findlay Stockbrokers. Towards the end of his university education, Blumenthal started working for InvestFirst Securities, gaining experience as an advisor to public companies listed in the ASX. Throughout the next few years, he built an international client base, sourcing global financing for various companies and overseeing dozens of initial public offerings (IPOs). 

Adam Blumenthal has gained considerable experience in fields related to finance, mining, and pharmaceuticals over the course of his career. During the 2010s, he acted as the executive director for a number of investment banking and corporate finance companies, including EH Corporation Ltd., MOV Corporation Ltd., and APP Securities Ltd. 

In 2015, he became a board member for Pursuit Minerals Ltd., a company involved with mining in the Mount Isa super basin. After Creso Pharma was first listed on the ASX in 2016, Adam became a non-executive board member. That year, he also joined the board of Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. as a non-executive member. 

Outside of his work with EverBlu Capital, Adam Blumenthal is a member of the Australian Stockbrokers Association and the Israel Business Club in Sydney. He is also passionate about the legalization of medical cannabis products and has pushed for legislation in a number of nations, including Australia. 

Darrin Blumenthal

Darrin Blumenthal is the Managing Director of EverBlu Capital. Before taking this position, Darrin worked with investment firms around the globe, spending over 15 years overseeing deals and transactions in Sydney, New York City, and London. As a managing director, Darrin Blumenthal is closely involved with the day-to-day operations of EverBlu Capital, providing strategic guidance and direction as the firm pursues its long-term missions and goals. 

After graduating from secondary school, Darrin attended the University of South Wales. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology before transferring to Macquarie University, a public research institution. While at Macquarie, he earned his Masters of Applied Science. 

After leaving university, Darrin Blumenthal joined the ABN AMRO mergers and acquisitions team. He was then hired by Macquarie Group, an investment bank and financial services company. During this period, Darrin gained experience as an adviser, overseeing mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising transactions that were collectively worth over $10 billion. His activities with Macquarie Group also included management of hedge funds while working with institutional investors across the United States in emerging market equities. 

EverBlu Research

EverBlu Research is responsible for providing comprehensive research reports to its clients. These reports cover individual companies as well as the industries in which they operate. EverBlu Research specializes in providing detailed coverage of the ASX, analyzing hundreds of listed stocks on this exchange and compiling extensive reports of over 200 individual stocks each year. 

This subsidiary of EverBlu Capital aims to provide each client with a complete understanding of a company’s value. The expressed philosophy of EverBlu Research is to explore and determine the lifetime potential of a company so that clients understand its value in the long-term. When analyzing the ASX, a unified valuation methodology helps EverBlu Research easily and accurately compare different stocks, even if they operate in completely different sectors. 

Research makes up a considerable part of EverBlu Capital’s business operations, and the company employs a team of dedicated and experienced research analysts. One notable team member is Gavin Van der Wath, a resources analyst with over 28 years of experience in various financial markets as a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse First Boston. Van der Wath is especially experienced when it comes to the mining industry and Australian-listed African assets. 

EverBlu Research is led by Russell Wright, an award-winning equities researcher with over 25 years of industry experience. Russell is especially experienced when it comes to financial analysis and creating research reports. Wright began his work for EverBlu Research in 2017 as an authorized representative, having previously served as director of research or head of research for a range of different companies. He is SDIA-accredited and holds a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from Edinburgh University. 

EverBlu Research’s AM Report is a widely-distributed morning report that highlights developments within global markets. Compiled by the research team and written by Russell Wright, the AM Report provides coverage of over 430 ASX-listed stocks each morning. 

EverBlu Wealth

EverBlu Wealth advises a range of clients on various investment opportunities. This subsidiary of EverBlu Capital also provides trade execution services in Australian and international markets, including corporate deals. The EverBlu Wealth team includes a number of Australian equity specialists and experienced advisers. These team members focus on providing a personalised, boutique-style experience for their clients. In particular, EverBlu Wealth aims to work with retail, wholesale, and institutional clients – or simply individuals with high net worths. 

This branch of the company works in tandem with EverBlu Capital’s research team to provide calculated, analysis-based trade suggestions. Transparency is a priority for EverBlu Wealth, and clients are able to see the factors and processes behind each suggestion or piece of advice. This level of transparency also ensures the elimination of conflicts of interest and hidden agendas. Stocks are registered directly in the client’s name to keep transactions secure and reliable. 

EverBlu Corporate

EverBlu Corporate works hand in hand with unlisted and listed clients, specializing in sectors such as mining/metals, pharmaceuticals (especially medical cannabis), biotech, cybersecurity, defence/military, agriculture, and technology. Clients receive expert advice on a range of potential obstacles as they seek to grow their companies. EverBlu Corporate also provides capital market services to its clients. 

As a boutique corporate advisory firm, clients experience a highly personalized, “hands-on” approach as they receive assistance with strategic financial planning. One of EverBlu Corporate’s key areas of expertise is in capital raising, and clients receive advice on strategies related to the debt market or the equity market, depending on their preferences.

EverBlu Corporate provides a number of market capital services to its clients, including mergers and acquisitions, IPO raising (and pre-IPO raising), equity placements and rights offers, principal investments, private debt raising, and equity capital raising. 

This branch of EverBlu Capital also focuses on providing marketing and public relations opportunities for its corporate clients. The EverBlu Corporate team provides not only decades of market experience but also an extensive network of business connections within Australia and around the world. In particular, the team has a diverse investor and distribution network. This allows EverBlu Corporate to provide extensive roadshow services around the nation and the globe. In addition, various team members have strong relationships within several financial institutions and PR firms. With these connections, EverBlu Corporate clients have the opportunity to spread their brand message and grow the reach of their companies. 

Notable Clients

EverBlu Capital has worked with a number of notable clients since its inception in 2016. These clients illustrate the scope of the company’s business operations and the sectors in which it specialises. 

In 2017, EverBlu Capital was the lead manager for the capital raising transaction between Victory Mines and Cobalt Prospecting Pty Ltd. The transaction included Victory Mine’s acquisition of four promising cobalt and scandium project areas in Western Australia and New South Wales. After the transaction was complete, EverBlu Capital attracted other high-profile investors to the project, allowing Victory Mines to immediately proceed with the development of its newly-acquired cobalt and scandium mining opportunities. 

Prior to working with EverBlu Capital, Victory Mines was struggling to complete its corporate objective of adding shareholder value by adding and advancing new projects. After the acquisition of a wearable technology company fell through, they turned to EverBlu Capital, which then helped Victory Mines organise the transaction with Cobalt Prospecting. 

Creso Pharma is another company that has worked extensively with EverBlu Capital. This company is considered one of the leaders in medical cannabis innovation, and EverBlu Capital helped them with their overall financial/corporate strategy as well as their Initial Public Offering. This level of assistance also provided Creso Pharma’s investors with a clear understanding of its innovative practices, its industry potential, and its overall vision for the future. 

EverBlu Capital also provided services to LiveTiles Limited, a global software company that is growing at an accelerated pace. The company creates digital workspace software and generates considerable sales with an expanding market footprint. Brand awareness also increased as some of the largest companies in the private sector and various government agencies (including those in the United States) began using LiveTiles’ software. 

With EverBlu Capital’s assistance, LiveTiles conducted a placement to raise $6 million in capital. As it turned out, interest from investors was much higher than expected, leading to a total capital raise of over $11 million after management took over subscriptions. Due to this increased interest, LiveTiles also conducted a Share Purchase Plan. This successful campaign allowed LiveTiles to access an even wider market. 


EverBlu Capital’s boutique services have raised over $150 million in capital for its various clients. To date, the company has been involved in over 25 capital market transactions. EverBlu Capital clients not only receive strategic financial advice from experienced team members, but they also gain access to an established network of connections in international and Australian capital markets. 

These types of services provide clients with opportunities to expand their business operations both financially and from a marketing standpoint. In addition, a strong research team ensures that every recommendation is calculated and transparent.