by lazytiger773

The Australian politics lies on federal political
constitution framework. It applies Westminster system with the bicameral body
that integrates executive fused elements. It also elects parliamentarians
into the Federation of the Australian parliament. This country also operates
mostly on the two-party system, whereby voting is not a choice. The country is
rated as the state with great democracy as per the economic intelligence unit

Generally, there is no complex training ground in the
political career for an individual as much as Australian political landscape is
a concern. The subject to academic does not concentrate much on political
performance as connection and personality is of great importance. The essential
part of academics in the political arena include environmental politics,
international relations, political philosophy, defense policy, the key
historical moments and policymaking.

A journey to politics in Australia requires self-respect and
total commitment. Most of the successful politicians are knowledgeable about how
to get into politics in Australia. One needs to have the fundamental skills in rhetoric as
well as the ability to persuade and influence a large number of people. Connecting with people is not an option for a
determined person aspiring to be a popular politician in Australia.

Before developing an interest in politics, you need to be
more knowledgeable by studying various aspect of humanity. Learn also to have
your own set of values within your network on how to get into politics in
Australia. Politics is similar to sales jobs. Thus, as a politician, you are
expected to market yourself as well as the party policies to the citizens.

Starting political career early particularly at the college
the level helps giving insights and better experience as you get to learn more.
Once you have built a good foundation network, it is easier, therefore, to
engage people about your ambitions of representing them at any level of governance.
Every assertive leader with broad knowledge about leadership can competently
represent people under Australian political policy.

I am amazed how the Howard Government continues its stoic stance on the refusal to participate or comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Using economic driven reasons for this is fast becoming a paper-thin mask, for what the real purpose of this is, and that is to retain political power, with promises of economic reforms for Climate Control, which have come too late and too little.

As an Australian citizen, I am embarrassed by slamming Australia received in the International arena at the recent UN meetings in Europe. Australia needs to make a much more robust and more immediate target to bring the reduction of our Greenhouse Gas Emissions down to an acceptable level. Rudd and Garret, however, have taken a tough stance against this Governments inaction and seem to be making it their main political drive, coming up to the Federal Elections. Whilst we all realize that these changes cannot occur overnight and will, in fact, take a great deal of forwarding economic planning, I am of the opinion that most Australian citizens are so concerned about the effects of Climate Change, that most people I have spoken to about this topic, are not worried about the personal cost to themselves. If it means that we all give another dollar or two in taxes for this specific purpose, then so be it! After all, we are all acutely aware of the effects Climate Change is having in our country, and it seems it is getting worse every year.

How long are we going to wait? Many of our generation, baby boomer era, is of the opinion that it won’t be our problem to worry about, because we won’t be here anyway. I’m appalled by this attitude, as well. What of our children and humanity’s future in general? What price will they pay for our greed and apathy? Where will our food come from if our major River Systems are not managed immediately to address the rising salt tables and to dry up of our most productive produce regions?

Not to mention either, the rising sea levels, which seem to be increasing faster than previously forecast. The Ice caps are melting at a pretty phenomenal rate. What will happen to our beloved coastline and in particular, our beloved Gold Coast? Surely there must be sufficient economic cause there to drive the political engines into action about the possible loss of so much Tourist based revenue?

I attended the first ever Greenhouse Conference held in Sydney in 1988. That was almost twenty years ago now. The scary thing is that some of the scientific predictions forecast back then, to start occurring by 2050, are beginning to happen now! It’s exponential and a runaway train, but panic will not solve the issues, only action. Australian Politicians need to form a united front on the entire issue, pull together and stop using it as a political point scoring agenda.